If you find yourself in a position where you may think that you need to file an insurance claim, Sure Seal Contractors can help you through the claims process with ease. After the initial phone call to report the claim, our trained professional staff can assist on your behalf throughout the remaining stages of the claims process. We can also assist you in reporting the claim on the spot if requested. The insurance claim process is broken into 7 stages:


Call Sure Seal Contractors for a free professional inspection of the damages


If insurable damage is found Sure Seal Contractors will then advise you to report the damages to your insurance agent


Your insurance agent will report your claim and a damage adjuster will call you to schedule an appointment


Call Sure Seal Contractors and inform us as soon as possible of your scheduled date and time of the adjuster appointment (at this stage we are able to meet with the adjuster on your behalf to help your claim process move smoothly)


The insurance adjuster will prepare an estimate of the damages usually on site or within 2-3 days and provide you with the actual cash value check to start your repairs


Sure Seal Contractors will then prepare your proposal based upon the insurance adjusters proposal. You will need to sign our agreement and present the actual cash value check to Sure Seal Contractors before work will begin on your repairs


At completion of your project Sure Seal Contractors will invoice your insurance company for the final payment less the deductible for you. When you receive the final insurance payment you will need to notify us to finalize your payment in full

Each claim is different and can be a challenge, but these are the basic stages that you will see during an insurance claim. Contact Sure Seal Contractors today and let us help you through the process with ease